Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oops - almost!

I had some time on Saturday afternoon to get in some pictures and decided to go in search of a location. It was overcast and not ideal but I always go out and just take pictures even if it's to try some new things. I stopped near the Saugeen River and found a location I had always wanted to check out.

Well, I got a few pics in and it was awkward in places on the rocks and I had the tripod legs not even on one of the last images to try find a good camera position. I had set my backpack down to take the shots (see below, it's the vertical with the large rock in the foreground). After I took this one, I planned to head up to take the fence shot that I included below as well. I straightened the legs of the tripod and forgot I had to pick up my backpack so I spread the legs out to stand it back up while I got the backpack.

Here's a hint for using a tripod in the field - ensure it is balanced and stable when you place it down, especially when you are turning your back! I did not do that this time and I had bent down to pick up the backpack and as I was standing back up, out of the corner of my eye, I see my tripod falling over with the camera body and lens heading straight into the water.

Knowing the backpack had padding and the equipment inside was protected (at least I hoped it was!) I dropped the backpack on the rocks and desperately reached for the tripod. This was one of those times when you play it back in your head it seems like it happened in slow motion. I caught the closest leg and almost dropped myself in the water but saved the camera about a foot above the river - the only thing that got wet was the shoulder strap. It was like falling down with a glass of beer in your hand and not spilling a drop - not that I haven't done that before (too many times anyways!).

Speaking of beer, I had a couple when I got home to calm the nerves. If that camera hit the water, I would have been out of commission for awhile. I guess I found out that I still have some reflexes! I don't want to test them this way very often though. Anyways, here are a couple of images from that afternoon.



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