Monday, September 19, 2011

Macro - The little details

Hello again,

I've been quite light on posts lately, and I apologize!  I haven't been behind the camera as much as I would like.  I just got back from camping at MacGregor Point Provincial Park and I took some time to take macro shots of some of the trees in our campsite.  I don't do macro as much as I'd like too, but it can be rewarding.

Here is an image of one of the trees that had a lot of foliose lichen on it: 

 And a detail look at some lichen-free bark:

There was also a pine tree with a some interesting details.  The next image is some sap on the bark that created a rainbow of colours and patterns on the bark.  

And a final macro of a nail that was put into the same pine tree.

Macro photography can be a wonderful way to explore the small details.  It can also provide opportunity to capture nature's various colours and patterns and bring out things your eye may not normally see.  It can also be quite addictive.  If you haven't already tried macro, give a shot.